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Introduction to the Laws of Eiruvin Series

support-the-eruv-and-carry-on-2In my Current Jewish Questions series we recently completed a three part sub-unit covering a basic introduction to the laws of eiruvin. For those interested in a general overview of the laws of eiruvin, I am collecting the links in this convenient post. Note that since this is an introductory class it does not cover many of the technicalities which affect the practical validity of any communal eiruv. In other words, do not confuse listening to this series as semikhah with which you can now pasken eiruvin for your (or anyone’s) community.

Part 1 – General Overview: Discusses the innovation of the eruv, its origins and the basics of what it accomplishes.

Part 2 – Physical Corrections: Covers the tikkunim or physical corrections one must make to an area as a prerequisite for establishing an eiruv.

Part 3 – Coming Together: Explains the requirement for 100% communal participation, as well as several solutions when that proves impossible.

Ep. 118 Current Jewish Questions 33 – Introduction to Eiruvin 3

support-the-eruv-and-carry-on-2Rabbi Josh Yuter’s Introduction to Eruvin concludes with a discussion on the requirements for total communal participation, and solutions for circumventing this nearly impossible halakhic condition.

Current Jewish Questions 33 – Intro to Eiruvin 3 Sources (PDF)

Current Jewish Questions 33 – Introduction to Eiruvin 3

Ep. 114 Current Jewish Questions 31 – Introduction to Eiruvin 1

Rabbi Josh Yuter’s Current Jewish Questions series returns with the first of a three part introduction to the laws of eruv.

Current Jewish Questions 31 – Intro to Eiruvin 1 Sources (PDF)

Current Jewish Questions 31 – Introduction to Eiruvin 1

YUTOPIA’s Introduction to Eiruvin: Source Sheets

Since I moved down to the Lower East Side I have received more questions on Eiruvin than anything else. From conversations with many Jewish residents in the area – both members and non-members of my congregation – there is a great deal of interest and desire to have an eiruv erected on the Lower East Side. Setting aside the economic and political obstacles of putting up and eiruv down here, I decided that the best thing to do is simply to teach the basics of eiruvin in terms of how they work in halakha.
The intent of these shiurim is not to get people to the level of pesak and as such we did not explore the vast teshuva literature on the subject. Rather the goal was to provide working definitions and explain the laws and principles underlying the various halakhic disputes. Most sources are from the Talmud, Rambam, and Shulhan Aruch.
I decided to split this shiur into three parts:

  1. Part 1 introduces the reshuyot and the basic definitions of eiruvin, and demonstrates that halakha views eiruvin positively and that putting one up is considered to be a Good Thing.
  2. Part 2 covers the physical construction of the eiruv – the lehi, korah, and mostly the tzurat hapetach, explaining their halakhic function.
  3. Part 3 discusses the conceptual requirement of getting all residents in an area to join an eiruv, as well as several solutions to the problem of getting Jews to agree on anything.

All three shiurim have been added to YUTOPIA’s Source Sheet Archive.
As always, comments and corrections/suggestions are welcome!