Hukkat 2021 – Cowing Obedience

In which we challenge the sacred cow of prioritizing the personal in religion.

Korach 2021 – Finding the Wicked

If God knows who is righteous and wicked, why doesn’t God just punish the wicked?

8 Biblical Proverbs for Social Media

The Book of Proverbs is an example of ancient “wisdom literature,” containing observations of human behavior and advice for practical or virtuous living. According to Jewish tradition, this book of the Bible was written by none other than King Solomon, the Biblical figure distinguished by his wisdom (1 Kings 5:9-14).1 Proverbs may be a book of ancient wisdom, but it still has what to teach today’s technologically advanced society. 

For today’s example, here are 8 verses and/or passages from the Book of Proverbs that should be essential for anyone with a social media account.

Shelach 2021 – Are We Not Men?

In which the 10 spies described as great and righteous nevertheless devolve into fools

Beha’alotcha 2021 – Pointing the Way

In which we see that sometimes God has to point the way, and even when he does, we’re not always able to follow.

Naso 2021 – Ranking Jews

In which we see a detailed ranking of the Jewish comminity

Shavuot 2021 – Judging our Judges

As we commemorate the giving of the Torah on Shavuot, we cannot forget the importance of actually *following* it.

2021 – Heights of Righteousness, Depths of Justice

In which we discuss a key difference between God’s righteousness and God’s justice

Behar 2021 – Gratitude for Grifters

In a surprisingly subversive midrash, we give thanks to the frauds and scoundrels.

Emor 2021 – Bastardized Justice

In which law and ethics of mamzerut are addressed from the mamzer‘s point of view