Eikev 2021 – Fighting Mad

In which we discuss the consequences of anger and how we might be able to control it.

Va’Etchanan 2021 – How to Love God

If you don’t know how to love Him, and don’t know what to do for the deity who is everything, this week’s midrash is here to help.

Tisha B’Av 2021 – The Trouble with Teaching Torah

The importance of Torah cannot be understated, but teaching Torah can sometimes backfire with disasterous consequences.

Devarim 2021 – Side to Side

Sometimes the messenger is just as important as the message

Matot 2021 – Merchant of Vengeance

In which midrashim discuss the foundational ethics of biblical warfare.

Pinchas 2021 – Was Pinchas Right?

In which the Rabbinic Sages navigate discouraging others from actions of which God explicitly approves.

Balak 2021 – The Case of the Missing Midianites

What happened to the Midianites who were recuited by Balak but seemingly disappeared off-camera?

Hukkat 2021 – Cowing Obedience

In which we challenge the sacred cow of prioritizing the personal in religion.

Korach 2021 – Finding the Wicked

If God knows who is righteous and wicked, why doesn’t God just punish the wicked?