Behar 2021 – Gratitude for Grifters

In a surprisingly subversive midrash, we give thanks to the frauds and scoundrels.

Emor 2021 – Bastardized Justice

In which law and ethics of mamzerut are addressed from the mamzer‘s point of view

Kedoshim 2021 – Just Holiness

Holiness is not only about religion and ritual but also includes justice.

Metzora 2021 – Figure of Speech

In which we learn how succumbing to “bad speech” can negate a good person’s righteousness.

Shemini 2020 – Trial by Fire

In which an incensed God fires two priests, Moses flips the script, and Aaron stands down.

Passover 2020 – Beauty in the Blackness

In a special Passover episode, we look at a midrash from Shir Hashirim Rabbah that finds beauty even in our darkest moments.

Tzav 2021 – Foolish Sacrifices

Offering sacrifices isn’t only about following technical procedure. The intent of the supplication is of critical importance.

Vayikra 2020 – Accepting What is Offered

Whose sacrifices are accepted and whose are not?

Vayakyel/Pekudei 2021 – The Moses Standard

In which Moses leads by example in demonstrating the care leaders and organizations should take with managing public funds.

Ki Tisa 2020 – Come Get Your People

Moses overrides God regarding communal inclusion and owns the consequences.