Ha’azinu 2021 – Empty Things

If Torah seems “empty” to us, does the fault lie with the Torah or ourselves?

Vayeilech 2021 – Original Sin

In which we find an variant of “original sin” in rabbinic literature

Nitzavim 2021 – Foolish Pride

In one of the most important midrashim relating to learning and development, we see how fools remain foolish and how the insightful can overcome.

Ki Tavo 2021 – Synagogue Life

In which we find the importance of going to synagogue, and some of its perks

Ki Teitzei 2021 – Whatcha Say That You Only Meant Well

In which we’re warned about lashon hara / slander even when we think it’s deserved

Shofetim 2021 – Aspects of Justice

In which we discuss two fundamental yet underappreciated components of “justice” in rabbinic thought

Re’eh 2021 – Expanding Israel

Can the land of Israel get larger?

Eikev 2021 – Fighting Mad

In which we discuss the consequences of anger and how we might be able to control it.

Va’Etchanan 2021 – How to Love God

If you don’t know how to love Him, and don’t know what to do for the deity who is everything, this week’s midrash is here to help.