Purim 2020 – Hanging Plants

In which trees vie for the honor to hang Haman, and what this might have to do with the revelation at Sinai.

Tetzaveh 2020 – Know Your Role

In which God both soothes and rebukes an upset Moses

Terumah 2020 – Guest Room for God

What is needed for God to dwell among the Jewish people?

Mishpatim 2020 – Small Steps in Judgment

In which judges need to take baby steps to keep from being exposed

Yitro 2020 – One God, Many Voices

In which people hearing different things from God doesn’t mean there are many Gods.

Beshalach 2020 – Rejoicing over the Downfall of the Wicked

In which a popular midrash about the splitting of the sea says the exact opposite of how it’s usually cited.

Bo 2020 – Wisdom of the Elders

In which we discuss the unsung and forgotten heroes of the Exodus: The Elders of the Jewish people.

Va’Eira 2020 – Outsmarting God

Two biblical heroes try to outsmart God. It’s not good for either, but it’s much worse for one of them.

Shemot 2020 – Spare the Rod

Being a biblical hero doesn’t always translate to being a good parent.

Vayechi 2020 – Grave Concerns

We discuss why Jacob didn’t want to be buried in Egypt and why it is so important for many Jews to be buried in Israel.