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New Sites for YUTOPIA and Jewish Gutiar Chords!

Dear Loyal Readers,
It’s been nearly five years since the big move from first moved domain names from Blogger to YUCS and we’ve had a great run on the ‘ol server. Sadly, the future of YUCS is uncertain at present1, which meant that I needed to start looking for actual paid hosting to handle both the blog and the Jewish guitar chords archive and then to port everything over.
Today I am very pleased to announce that the transition appears to be complete. Thanks to a great deal of hacking and the good support people at, both the chords and guitar database are up and running at their new homes:
The new site for YUTOPIA is:

and the new feed is
The Jewish guitar chords can be found appropriately enough at:

For the time being YUCS is redirecting all traffic to the new site,2 but since I don’t know how much longer YUCS will be in operation, I’d like to ask if you could please update your links and feed subscriptions accordingly.
I don’t have metrics just yet, but it does seem the site runs slightly slower and loads a little weirder than before. On the plus side, I’ve sorted out most of the new glitches and thanks to the new system I’ve even added some cool features such as this nifty little new contact form for direct spam-free feedback.
It also seems to be a good time to update the Blogroll on the side. If you’d like to exchange links or if you’re already linking and would appreciate the reciprocity, please let me know.
Thank you all very much for your help and support. It’s been an exciting time lately, and it doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon.3 I hope I’ll be able to continue sharing in the next adventures of my little YUTOPIAN world.

1. And if and when it ever does go down, I’ll write up a history. Tentative title: “From 501 to 404.” (Yes, that’s an obscure but relevant reference).
2. Some pages might not be working due to previous movabletype upgrades. I’ll fix those as they come up.
3. Another big announcement forthcoming, and no I’m not getting engaged.

The 300

I know I’ve had one of my extended absences from blogging, and I promise I *will* return with a full explanation and lots of other cool stuff. Just checking in to report that I’ve added the 300th song to the Jewish Guitar Chord Archive. The auspicious song in question is the Dovid Melech camp song, “with the pre-macarena hand motions.”
Keep on playing!

We Bang!

I was wondering why the hit count jumped recently. It turns out that we’ve been linked from – specifically the chords archive.1
Rabbi Week will continue shortly…

1. Although they complain about the lack of Karduner chords, I’ve been trying to correct this problem for some time and hopefully it won’t be an issue.