Crazy Like A Firefox

A few months ago, I switched from Mozilla to Firefox as my primary browser. You might have seen some news coverage about its latest release, and could contemplate the switch. Aside from being secure and stable, there are several useful plugins to make browsing easier. Some of my favorites:

  • Googlebar – Mimics Google’s own equivalent
  • Adblock – Removes image and flash advertisements from web pages – customizable based on URI
  • Sage – A Firefox based RSS Reader
  • Prefbar – Easy Access to preferences
  • IE View – Handy tool to open up IE exclusive pages and links in an IE window.
  • Spellbound – Works like IE Spell – checks spelling in web forms.

And there are loads more from which to chose. Now that I can do blog spell checking1 from Firefox, I officially have no more use for Internet Explorer other than to handle MS’s own websites.
Vive la revolucion revolution!

1. Yes, I do that occasionally.


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