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ReCovering Jewish Music

Anyone familiar with Jewish Music knows that Jewish music occasionally “borrows” from its secular culture. There are parody groups such as Shlock Rock and Rechnitzer Rejects,1 who perform with an obviously humorous, satirical, or educational purpose. Some bands blatantly use secular music ironically:

Men at Work – Down UnderPiamenta – Asher Boro

Then are the examples of outright plagiarism, the most notable one pointed out way back by Rabbi Avraham Bronstein2

Dschinghis Khan – Dschinghis KhanMordechai Ben David – Yidden

Even the Hatikva, the Israeli National Anthem, appears to find its origins elsewhere:

La Mantovana (Italy 17th century)Hatikva

And I’m sure my astute and cultured readers can drudge up other examples. But this begs the question if Jews borrow liberally from secular music, does the converse also hold true with non-Jews using “Jewish” music as well?3 Let’s take a look:

Evil Bezeq Man

Since I have my own personal blog now, I guess I can start moving some various nonesense over here. The following was written sometime in 2002. I was in Gruss in Israel and working with Russel on setting up an ADSL network in the computer room.

This song has been performed by me only once – that Purim in Dr. Jackson’s apt – and will probably never be performed (by me at least) again.

Trust me – this is a good thing.