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You’ve Got….Marriage!

Just got an e-mail from SawYouAtSinai shilling for www.purimbaskets.com:

    This Purim, send your Basherte [sic] a beautiful Purim basket from PurimBaskets.com Choose from an assorted array of elegant Purim baskets at affordable prices. Picture the joy when he or she receives this basket from PurimBaskets.com. You can also take this opportunity to show your appreciation to your matchmaker (shadchan). These Purim baskets will surely make them keep you in their minds. Shipping to USA, Canada, Israel and England.

Ramo in O.C. 695 says that men should not give single women mishloach manot because it would create a safek kiddushin. Perhaps SYAS is more progressive (or agressive) than we thought in solving the shidduch crisis?