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Ep. 168 This Week in Daf Yomi Ketuvot 9-15 – Confronting Insensitive Sugyot

The Talmud was clearly not written with modern day sensibilities in mind, which may lead to disturbing reactions from those who study it. Rabbi Yuter gives some examples from the previous week’s Daf Yomi and discusses some approaches to handling these passages.

Consider this more of a beginning of a discussion than a definitive solution, and hopefully, guests can come on to share different perspectives (schedules permitting).

Ep. 166 This Week in Daf Yomi Ketuvot 2-8 – Kol Demekadesh Ada’ata Derabbanan Mekadesh

Rabbi Yuter begins a brand new Podcast series called This Week in Daf Yomi discussing topics covered in the previous week’s schedule of daily Talmud study. Today’s edition discusses the ramifications of principle in Jewish law that all Jewish marriages are performed with the approval of the Rabbinic sages.

References are made to two previous podcasts: Understanding the Agunah Problem and Solutions to the Agunah Problem.

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