Personal Updates

Hey Loyal Readers,
A lot has been going in in YUTOPIA land recently and it’s time to catch up a bit.

  • I’m back working at Information Builders as a “Programming Analyst.” While this was not my first or ideal choice, there are worse things in life than having a good paying job in a decent field, a pleasant working environment, working with great people, and getting the occasional trip to Seattle. Although I appreciate finally having health insurance, this sadly means I have less time and energy for blogging, reading, researching, writing, and other fun stuff. I suppose it also means I’ll just have to compensate.
  • The Talent Show was a disaster. While I’m well aware I’m hardly a talented performer, it’s much harder for me trying to play a large room with no amplifier and no real sound check such that I can’t even hear myself. Really really bad news. In the future, I think I’m just going to stick to more intimate settings like kumsitzes and helping others find their voice.
    As far as the event itself, I left relatively quickly but not after finding my own reasons for never attending a singles event1 ever again. And believe me, it has nothing to do with fear.
  • We Get Results! The Monday after the mikvah debacle the shul closed the mikvah for cleaning/repairs. I’m not sure how long it’s going to take or if we’d ever see that spoon again, but it’s a start.
  • For those interested, my father is currently working in Baltimore for Congregation B’nei Israel in the inner harbor area. There’s a whole lot more to say here, but nothing I’m free to discuss at this time.

That just about covers everything major. With the trip and hagim coming up, I’m in somewhat of a holding pattern until things settle down and have to hold off on several plans until then.
Until next time….

1. Technically, it wasn’t a single’s event but that was the perception of many of the people there.


  1. Corinne
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