Westward Ho: Seattle

I’ve barely been back at Information Builders when I was assigned my first ever business trip. From September 18th-28th (maybe the 29th depending on flight), I will be in Seattle. I’m not sure yet where I’m staying, but it will probably be in the downtownish area. Also, I suspect I will have a rental car at my disposal.
I’ve found some info on the web, but if any loyal readers can help out with any of the following, it would be greatly appreciated:

  • Good kosher places downtown
  • Where the Jewish communities and shuls are
  • Any place interested in hosting a nice Rabbi for a Shabbat (or even a scholar-in-residence?)
  • Anything out of the obvious of which I should be aware.

Many thanks in advance.
More posts are forthcoming. One of the downsides of working is the unfortunate lack of free time.

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  1. Ari
  2. Shana
  3. Shana
  4. Shana
  5. CEZ
  6. CEZ
  7. Rabbi Tsvi Kilstein
  8. Shaya
  9. Chaya
  10. Rabbi Tsvi Kilstein
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