Moving Day In Israel

Today is special day in the extended Yuter family. Avi, Esther, and family are packing up out of their home for the past two years in Ramat Bet-Shemesh and heading out to Modi’in. Wish them luck by sending them an e-mail!
In honor of the big move, here are some more nibling stories from e-mails I’ve collected.
First, Eli shows the frum side of sibling rivalry:

    Over Shabbat, Eli had a friend over. While they were playing, things got a
    little out of hand, and Eli kicked Hadassah. After the friend went home, we
    sat Eli down and asked him why he kicked her. This was his answer:
    “Inside of me, I have “yetser ha-tov” and a “yetser ha’ra”. I just couldn’t
    stop the yetser ha’ra.”
    I asked him where he learned about all of this. He explained to me that it
    was from Yehoshua’s talk with the 2 1/2 tribes that settled on the other
    side of the Yarden, towards the end of the sefer.

Displaying his affinity for intertextuality:

    Eli needs to learn the berachot that Ya’akov gave to his sons in va-yechi. We were reading Yisachar’s berachah, and read, “va-yar menuha KI TOV”. Eli looked up and me and said, “Hey, that’s what it says in Bereshit for the days of creation!”

Hadassah on the other hand has become somewhat of a fashion critic.

    While waiting for Avi after shul today, Hadassah saw a lady with her 3 sons,
    all dressed in all white. She curiously asked me, “why are they wearing so
    much white?” (It did look kind of strange).

While this did happen after Memorial Day, it’s harder to keep track of these things in Israel.
Finally, we have a really cute one from Shelomoh:

    Now that Shelomoh is talking more, he is doing cute things!
    Shelomoh has South African teachers this year. He found a toy pacifier while
    I was packing, and didn’t know it was called a pacifier; He called it a
    “dummy”. Today, I asked him what a “nappy” was, and he told me it was a
    diaper, but looked at me funny why I was using that word. Then I asked him
    if he knew what a “pram” was. Avi asked, “Isn’t that a stroller?” Shelomoh
    answered, “yes, pram stroller”. Maybe Hebrew won’t be so hard for him
    after all if he already understands that objects can be called by different
    names (this is the first stage of bilingual awareness). Though, it’s funny
    to think of him starting bilingualism with different dialects of English!

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