Vayeshev 2021 – Speak from the Heart

In which Genesis Rabbah 84:9 teaches the importance of speaking from the heart. Bonus: A disagreement with Rashi

Vayishlach 2021 – Pick Your Battles

We take a look at Bereishit Rabbah 75:3 to consider the benefits of picking our battles.

Vayeitzei 2021 – Hey Jealousy

In which we use Genesis Rabbah 71:6 (with a little help from The Simpsons) to learn about the nuances of jealousy.

Toledot 2021 – On Notice

In Genesis Rabbah 65:4 we learn why simply noticing our surroundings can be so important

Chayei Sarah 2021 – Blessed with Everything

In which we compare opinions in Bereishit Rabbah 59:8 and Bava Batra 16b regarding what it means to be blessed with “everything”

Rabbi Moshe Tendler – Memories from a Shtender Boy


On September 28, 2021, over the holiday of Shemini Atzeret, my teacher R. Moses Tendler passed away. Due to shock and the timing of the Jewish holidays, it took some time for me to formulate coherent thoughts. I will leave it to others to discuss R. Tendler’s indelible legacy in the Jewish world and instead I would like to share some personal experiences.1

Lech Lecha 2021 – How to Make a Life

In Genesis Rabba 38:14 we learn the difference between giving birth and making a person

Noah 2021 – Of Tests and Praises

Gen. Rabbah 32:3 discusses testing the righteous and praising people to their faces. Is there a connection?

Bereishit 2021 – Which Came First: Heaven or Earth?

In Gen. Rabba 1:15 Beit Shammai and Beit Hillel debate if heaven or earth was created first, but does it even matter?