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Daf Yomi Tweets – Masechet Shabbat

I’d like to congratulate everyone who has been keeping up with Daf Yomi on today’s completion of Masechet Shabbat! I’d also like to thank everyone who has been following and participating in the Twitter discussions on the #DafYomi and #DafChat hashtags.

As I did for Masechet Berachot, I’m posting the unedited doc of my collected Tweets for Shabbat, which might even come in handy for review.

Daf Yomi Tweets – Shabbat by Rabbi Josh Yuter

Daf Yomi Tweets – Masechet Berachot

When the Daf Yomi cycle restarted this past summer, I and many others started learning one page of Talmud every day. Keeping up this pace we will complete learning the entire Talmud in roughly 7.5 years which is certainly a daunting commitment, especially considering how difficult certain parts of the Talmud can get. In fact, some critics of daf yomi object to the accelerated pace as being a fairly superficial approach to Talmud study. Speaking only for myself, I have found daf yomi to be incredibly useful. Not only has it forced me to review and reevaluate passages I had seen before, but as I learn additional passages of Talmud (or gain new perspectives) I can immediate integrate them into sermons and classes, not to mention updating and correcting previous talks I have given.

It has also given me the opportunity to spread my thoughts via Twitter and engaging in fascinating discussions using the #DafYomi and #DafChat hashtags, though it took me a while to get into a Tweeting groove. With this in mind let me present my collection of observations and witticisms from learning, and now completing, Tractate Berachot through Daf Yomi.[1. I’d like to thank the people responsible for the Koren English Talmud, which made this much easier and to all readers, friends, and followers who have “enjoyed” the tweets.]