Current Jewish Questions 1-50(ish) – The Stanton St. Shul Years

One of the great joys I’ve had in my time as the Rav of The Stanton St. Shul is the opportunity not just to teach Torah, but to do so in ways which may be more meaningful and relevant to people than they’ve previously encountered. The intent behind my Current Jewish Questions series was to start with real-world examples and explore some laws or ideas particular relevant to an actual situation. In this way, even obscure or difficult texts become accessible and relatable.

None of these classes were intended to be comprehensive – I’m constantly updating my own source sheets as I come across new material – but I hope they can serve as a useful introduction to many of the questions Jews encounter while living in the modern world, even if we cannot provide (or intentionally avoid) giving definitive answers.

Below is the complete list of all the Current Jewish Questions classes from my time at The Stanton St. Shul. 1 Please enjoy listening to the audio, following along with the source sheets, and feel free to adapt and modify these classes as you see fit for your own educational needs.

  1. Religious Coercion
  2. Tzniut / Modesty
  3. Chillul Hashem / Desecrating God’s Name
  4. The Superbowl
  5. Chukkat Hagoy / Copying Non-Jewish Practices
  6. Non-Jews in Jewish Law
  7. Contraception
  8. Dina Demalchuta Dina / The Law of the Land is Law
  9. Understanding the Agunah Problem
  10. Solutions to the Agunah Problem
  11. Art in Jewish Law
  12. Intellectual Property / Piracy
  13. Celebrating Secular Holidays
  14. Substance Abuse (Drugs and Alcohol)
  15. Organ Donation and Brain Death
  16. Interfaith Interactions
  17. Metzitza B’Peh
  18. Gun Control
  19. Abortion
  20. Maharat
  21. Women of the Wall
  22. Biblical Criticism and Orthodox Judaism
  23. Introduction to Rabbinic Ethics
  24. Hocheiach Tochiach / Laws of Rebuke
  25. Music in Judaism
  26. Women’s Head Covering in Jewish Law
  27. Shomer Negiah / Kiruv Bassar
  28. Partnership Minyanim
  29. Privacy
  30. Introduction to Eruvin 1
  31. Introduction to Eiruvin 2
  32. Introduction to Eiruvin 3
  33. Electricity
  34. Electricity in Jewish Law 1
  35. Electricity in Jewish Law 2
  36. Electricity in Jewish Law 3, R. Moshe Feinstein on Microphones and Hearing Aids on Shabbat
  37. Electricity in Jewish Law 4 – Positive Commandments
  38. Gambling in Jewish Law
  39. Egalitarianism
  40. Segulot, Simmanim, and Superstitions 1 (Introduction and Theological Concepts)
  41. Segulot, Simmanim, and Superstitions 2 (Signs)
  42. Segulot, Simmanim, and Superstitions 3 (Dreams)
  43. Segulot, Simmanim, and Superstitions 4 (Folk Religion vs. Idolatry)
  44. Boxing / Mixed Martial Arts
  45. Science and Judaism
  46. Judaism and Evolution
  47. Reparations for Slavery and Discrimination
  48. Halakhic Humor


  1. More classes were given though not all were uploaded for technical or quality reasons, hence the inconsistency in numbering. Either that or I simply can’t count.
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