Happy Hannukah!

I can hardly believe how long it’s been since I’ve last written anything. I’ve barely had time to get basic derashot out, let alone formulate for intelligible posting (maybe next year :-). Consider that for the months of September and October I was commuting from Springfield to the LES for every Shabbat and Chag, packing, unpacking, and writing derashot. Then for some reason things just keep popping up that I haven’t had the time to think let alone research and write.
So I’m sticking my head out to say that yes I am alive and well, just too distracted with many life and shul details to write more – though I must say I’ve been feeling the absence of not writing.
Right now I’m prepping a shiur for Dec 25 on Talmudic Responses to Greek and Christian Culture. Of course it’s not going to be close to comprehensive but it serves a double inyanei deyoma.
God willing I’ll try to make more time to write. I’ve really missed this place.

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