Cut Of The JIBs

While we were otherwise preoccupied, Jewish Blog Awards winners were announced, and not surprisingly we got trounced in all categories for which we were nominated. Given that the JIBs are an open nomination/open voting award, I find them indistinguishable from a “people’s choice” award, which will naturally favor those blogs with greater readership.
Still, no cause at all for bitterness. In fact we’re happy to see friends Curious Jew and Abacaxi Mamao win something and the JIBs introduced us to Rabbi Without a Cause (another winner) who had a similar take on the conversion. Also many thanks to Seraphic Secret for your kinds words.
As we’ve said before, we never got into this thing for awards and this changes nothing. We’ll still keep up our sporadic and often delayed schedule of blogging, while hopefully maintaining the quality you’ve come to expect.1

1. Editors welcome, apply within.


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