More Power To Yuter

In the past week I had two peculiar discoveries:

  1. Someone made a Wikipedia page dedicated to the Yuter Family
  2. It will likely be deleted.

So much for our fleeing chance at Wikimmortality. Wherefore the purge?

The article does not assert the significance of the Yuter family, but acts as a genealogical article; Wikipedia is not a genealogical database. If there are multiple people notable enough to have articles on Wikipedia with the surname Yuter, then this should act as a disambiguation page. A quick Google search (Google should not be used in articles as Google links are not considered appropriate for an encyclopedia), however, yields little.

Given that I’m currently in the lead for google searches it’s hard not to take it personally that I am the “little” which is yielded. Maybe I need to get involved in some sort of scandal to bump up my Q rating. Heck, I didn’t even make the cut for my own family’s Wikipedia page!
Anyway, the page’s history shows that it was written by someone with the screen name “Yuter1 who also administers the website, which according to a whois search is owned by Crescent Square Apartments of Herndon VA.
The sad part is this sort of absurdity is oddly typical for my family.2
Fortunately, the great Yuter tradition has been preserved by my great-aunt Elinor who happens to be a genealogist. In lieu of the fleeting Wikipedia page, anyone who *really* wants to read up on my family lineage can pick up a copy of her book The Yuter Family: Our Common Ancestor.
Because after all, isn’t there a little Yuter in all of us?

1. For the record, my Wikipedia login is JYuter.
2. As entertaining as a “Classic Yuter Stories” blog theme would be, I’d never be able to get away with it. Plus it would take way too many entries just to cover my immediate family.


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  2. ALG
  3. Josh
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