Odds and Ends

A few bits of bookkeeping today:

  • My father has been posting some articles on UTJ Viewpoints. Despite the erratic typesetting, you may find it worthwhile.
  • Jewess has a very good report of the Mt. Sinai Town Hall meeting from a few weeks back, and delivers a fair reporting of what transpired.
  • While the new commenting policies have largely been a success there have been some complications with lost comments. If you forget to comment in the new field, all you need to do is hit “back” on the browser or the link provided and the text of your comment should be saved for resubmission.
  • Finally, this Shavuot I will be giving shiur on Halakha V’Ein Morin Kein at some point in Washington Heights. I don’t have the schedule yet and to be honest I don’t have the shiur finished, but I’ll keep you posted when I know more.

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