New Beginnings

I’m officially back from a much needed few weeks off while I was literally between jobs. Since leaving Information Builders I’ve had the opportunity to do some traveling and reconnect with several old friends. Without getting into the details right now, it was a physically, emotionally, and spiritually rejuvenating experience. That and with a newly upgraded “business casual” wardrobe I’m pretty much set to start the new job tomorrow.
Given JPMorgan’s internet policies (and thanks to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act) I will be less accessible during business hours. This means no IM during the day and it will take me longer to read and respond to your e-mails.1 On the other hand it could be very beneficial for myself personally not to have the same outside distractions.
The blog will continue to be active – at least relatively so – and based on how I’m feeling right now I’m actually curious to see how it will develop over the next few months.
Let’s get started, shall we….

1. For all you who said I couldn’t be slower….

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