YUTOPIA’s First Non-Contest

Dear Loyal Readers,
Some of you may remember my attending an O.A.R. concert at MSG last year. This Saturday night at 8:00 O.A.R is once again playing MSG, but this time I have *two* tickets since I thought it would probably be more fun to go with someone else this time around.
So here’s the deal: I’m looking for someone to come with me and occupy Section 2 Row R Seat 3 or 4. Ideally, someone who is be easygoing, genuinely cool1, and appreciate O.A.R. or at least that type of music.2 Not knowing the legal ramifications, I’m hesitant to announce this as an official contest but anyone interested should either leave a comment or e-mail – proxies on behalf of others are accepted as well – and I’ll select a “non-winner” later in the week.

1. To provide much needed balance
2. Folk/Rock/Indie/Reggae. Or you can go to their website for samples.


  1. ALG
  2. Greg Gershman
  3. susqhb
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