Don’t Copy That Rabbi

Much to my dismay I recently discovered that this blog has been plagiarized. Specifically, my post The Mind Of A Matchmaker has been reproduced here1, links intact, indicating that the “Admin” actually copied and posted the HTML source code. That’s it.
No link back, no byline. Zip.

I feel like Metallica (and not in the good way).
Folks, this blog is published under a very reasonable license which really isn’t that difficult to follow. The basic gist is that anyone is free to reproduce this blog provided:

  1. There is proper attribution
  2. The reproduction is for a non-commercial purposes
  3. You don’t make derivative works from it

I haven’t had a problem with this until now since whenever this blog has been used I’ve been quoted and people have asked permission (which I’ve granted every time I can remember). When I found the post in question I immediately e-mailed the following to the Admin.

Dear Admin,
My name is R. Josh Yuter and run the blog YUTOPIA. recently came across your post here:
Which was copied unattributed from one of my earlier blog posts here:
I publish my blog under creative commons license which allows for reproduction of content, provided attribution is given:
That said I will not request removal of your post, but would ask for the proper attribution and link back to the original post.
Thanks and Shana Tova

Thus far, no reply.
I have a shiur I need to write up on copyright law in halakha, but regardless of any potential issurim it’s just so simple to comply with the license that violations are very frustrating.

1. I know by linking there I am directing traffic to them, but the example is well worth it.


  1. Shana
  2. Gavi Kaufman
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