Lock, Stock, And Birthdays

Until last night, I never cared about my bedroom’s doorknob. Or to be more specific, until last night I never really paid much attention to the lock which is inside of it.
For reasons still unclear, I somehow managed to lock myself out of my bedroom last night. Adding to the degree of difficulty, in said bedroom were my phone and computer cutting off communication, as well as my shoes and keys making it harder to go out and actually get help. And all this comes after a day of fasting in scorching hot weather. I figure if you have to get yourself in a pickle, you might as well go for the whole barrel.
But you know what they say, God never closes a door without supplying an opportunistic locksmith. The local guy used the “credit card” method with a piece of sandpaper to get around the edge. After the whole minute it took him to get in and literally paying for my stupidity, all is well and back to normal – except for a pair of socks which really need replacing.
The thing is, for the first time in ages I had quiet time to just be with myself. With no computer/internet (*gasp*) or cell phone for distraction, I was forced to just be, free to read and meditate without outside interference. While this could in theory happen on Shabbat, I’m usually run-down by that point in the week or coming back form a really late ending meal. Even during quieter moments during the week, I invariably get lost in the myriad of diversions such that even if I had the opportunity for peaceful reflection there is always something getting in the way.
Thanks to this forced respite from the world I was able to catch up on some books, some learning, and more importantly, myself. I thought about the past year with all the challenges and changes of the past year. I thought about developing different perspectives and attitudes and how at some point I’d really like to blog about faith. I thought about all the new people I’ve met and also being able to reconnect with some others with whom I’ve lost touch. I thought about the future, possibilities, opportunities, and contingencies.
It also occurred to me that I really haven’t done this sort of thing in quite some time. I know I haven’t blogged much about my personal life in the past year, for which there have been good reasons, but still missing the outlet to express what I could.
On that note, I’d like to thank everyone for “being there” in some way shape or form, and for all the birthday wishes,1 and I recommend that everyone go through some form of technological detox at one point or another.
Oh, and always keep your keys with you.

1. I’m not just surprised at the number of people who remembered, but who, especially when I can barely keep people’s names straight.

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