Name Those Tunes

Still in time for Hannukah, Fark links to this nifty What’s That Song program. It’s pretty simple – you pick an artist, you hear selections from that artist, and you guess which of that artist’s song it is. From what I can tell he taps in to Amazon’s archive of CD samples which gives you an impressive selection.
You can start with some basics like Billy Joel, Dylan, U2, Metallica, Elton John, and yes, even Weird Al and They Might Be Giants.
You’ll notice though that many of the samples have the song titiles in them, making this whole excersize entirely pointless.
However, all is not lost.
Since it’s based on Amazon’s extensive library, you can even do Carlebach or Lanzbom. You might recognize the tunes, but the official titles are in english. This means that in order to guess correctly you actually need to know what the song means. Nice challenge, eh?

In case you’re wondering, I did pretty well on the ones I personally took:

Hooray! You scored 10 out of 10.
Perfect. 100%. You are a music guru. We bow down before you.
80’s music is just the beginning.

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