YUTOPIA’s Election Recap 2004

At risk of losing my blogger’s license, today’s discussion is on politics. I’m not going to discuss whether or not the results are “good” or “bad” on any level, but I did notice two ironic results. The first was picked up by The Daily Show in their election recap. The Bush camp claimed that John Kerry was soft on terrorism and would be too weak of a leader. Despite these accusations, Kerry easily carried New York, the state most directly affected by the 9/11 attacks.
Similarly, Kerry attacked Bush’s economic policies which supposedly cost jobs while giving tax breaks to the wealthy. However, as Nicholas Kristoff mourns, Bush carried all the “middle America” hard working states.
It could be that the candidate’s directed their messages to the wrong people – in the sense that they weren’t able to change the people’s minds. Or, you could say that they simply sold their positions to whomever wished to hear them.
Anyway, I’m also interested in the role religion played in people’s decisions. Between the left-leaning liberal Jews and R. Eliyashiv’s pesak to vote for Bush, I’ve gotten several IM’s asking for my opinions. Maybe for when I get back to Chicago.


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