World War Blues

In probably the most shocking display of chutzpah in recent times, Germany is seeking compensation from Poland.
Specifically, there are calls “for an admission of the wrongs done to Germans at the end of the war and for some form of material compensation.”

    Some 12 million Germans were kicked out of central Europe, many of them killed, at the war’s end, when Europe’s borders were redrawn by the allies. Poland, in particular, was literally lifted from east to west and transplanted on to territory that for centuries had been peopled by Germans.

So let’s recap here:

  • Germany invades Poland, starting WWII.
  • The Nazi regime murders hundreds of thousands of Polish citizens, spreading death and destruction across the country.
  • Germany loses the war it started.
  • Germany then complains about the treatment it gets after the war by the country it decimated, and seeks restitution.

And this is ignoring the millions of lives lost worldwide because of Germany’s actions.
I’m still appalled at the absurdity of this and that people are able to suggest this with a straight face.


  1. Danny
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