PSA – Yes, That’s Me on TV

If you’re in the Chicago area (or will be within next five years or so), and you happen to watch the PBS affiliate WTTW 11, you might catch me in one of their station commercials.
A few months ago I was on a date in the Museum of Science and Industry and there was this camera crew from the station looking for people to record some of their promos. They had a list of types of people they were looking for, one of which was “young couple.” Since we were a “young couple,” I just figured this would be a cool thing to do on a date. Besides – who really watches PBS around here that could possibly have a chance of recognizing me?
Apparently, many many people at UC.
Incidentally, thanks to Hasidic Musician for pointing out that Eli Ata was originally a Chabad niggun, and not a Carlebach one. Correction has been made.

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