Random Updates

Just some random postings today as I continue “enjoying” spring break:

  • I added some Carlebach songs to the Chord Directory, so you might want to get the latest zip, or just download Simcha Le’artzecha and Asher Boro.
  • The comments have been working well for the chords. I’ve been responding to most people via e-mail. I’d love to add more songs, so suggestions are appreciated (but actual chords would be most helpful).
  • I’m in the process of tweaking the color scheme a bit. I’ve noticed that it looks much better on my laptop than it does on other monitors. As always, I’m open to all suggestions (especially if you’re Ephraim Shapiro).
  • For all those who kept saying, “oh but Chicago is so cold!” I’d like to point out that yesterday was a beautiful 65. And yes, I did manage to spend some time outside and enjoy a lesuirley walk to the Point.
  • Thursday, I’m going to see Guys and Dolls. It’s a professional troupe, but the theater is located on campus. Tickets are regularly $35 but $8 for UC students – not a bad deal.

That’s all for now. Evil Paper coming soon….


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