What’s In A Blog?

In an ironic Kuro5hin article, James AC Joyce writes “Why your Movable Type blog must die.”
One complaint is, “You are all sheep:”

    Whenever you discuss a subject about which you all fake your knowledge, such as “metablogging”, the lot of you tend to throw out random and completely false opinions and then temperately argue each other down to a single, unified viewpoint. Which is completely wrong.

Aside from the inherent hypocricy in posting this to a blogging type site, he does raise some interesting issues. It’s bad enough we have a new forum for idiots to easily and anonymously run off their mouths, but the blogs mess up search engines. Let’s say you’re a history major looking for something about Archduke Ferdinand. My shiur, while interesting, doesn’t exactly help you all that much.
If it’s any consolation, I’ve been slacking recently, and if things go well I might slack even more in the future.
But if the search engine thing still bothers you, you’re free to write a better one, because of course, you can never have enough search engines.


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