Chicago “Life” – January ’04

The blog has been getting kind of intense and serious as of late. So, to lighten the mood a bit, some updates as to what’s been going on at the glorious U of C.
As it turns out the Talent Show will be held on a Friday night. Considering that 58% of you voted that I should “Maintain Dignity (i.e. nothing)” then I suppose it’s all for the best.
Here are the rest of the results:

    11% – Beatnik Poetry (2 votes)
    26% – Interpretive Dance (5 votes)
    5% – Stand-up Comedy (1 vote)

Apparently, no one liked my cover of Rockin’ in the Free World last year…
Before vacation, I went to see The One-Man Star Wars Trilogy. How geek-centric was this evening?

  • I first heard of this performance from Slashdot. When you get your social events from Slashdot, you know you’re in trouble.
  • I went with two astro-physics PhD. students.
  • The ushers dressed up as Stormtroopers, and EVERY person1 went up to one of them and asked, “Aren’t you a little short for a Stormtooper?” Believe it or not, the usher did not in fact kill everyone in the theater.2 She must have been strong in the force…

At any rate, the guy was spectacular. In roughly one hour, he basically performed the entire trilogy (with sound effects) minus the boring scenes.3 His impersonation of Admiral Ackbar was just fantastic.
In other areas of obscure geekdom, since my vacation started I caught up on Homestarrunner and Red vs. Blue, and read Alan Moore’s Watchmen.
All worthwhile, in their own ways.
Pathetic you say? Perhaps. But this is what happens with a T1 line, no classes, and more importantly, no car. Anyway, I have a class on “Theology and Mythology of Evil” in a bit, so I’ll just end this before it gets worse,
Excelsior, True Believers!

1. Although the thought did cross my mind, I decided to have mercy on the poor usher.
2. Bad for repeat business.
3. It should be mentioned that the audience did in fact notice when he did not recite the EXACT dialogue from the movie.


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