Random Revelations

The laptop arrived at the repair center before Thanksgiving. What this means practically, I do not know. However, there are a few things I did learn this week:

  • I have a new favorite place to work. (Thanks Miriam!)
  • I really hate macs.
  • AOL’s beta of IM looks much nicer, but it’s still buggy. (Random disconnects).
  • I need to do some editing on the blog design to account for smaller resolutions and variant color settings.
  • Structuralism ~= The Brisker Method (and not in terms of crispiness) – maybe more on this later.

Oh, and a hearty mazal tov to 2x former roommate Yossi Mandlebaum on his engagement to Carolyn Koch. (No onlysimchas link, God bless ’em).


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