Happy Thanksgiving!

For the second consecutive year, I spent thanksgiving out of NY and thrown into someone else’s family dynamic. Wild and crazy family politics never tasted so good.
Actually, I enjoy the holidays more when the people are not so uptight and are just free to be their ususal wacky selves instead of putting on a show. There is no such thing as a “normal” family. Every one has their share of insane members. If a family seems perfect, that just means they bury the bodies in the basement.
Ever since the laptop has gone to meet its maker, I’ve been going through withdrawal. Hopefully I can get it back fixed soon, and I can finally get some work done (and stop my whining about it).
In other news…
Since I’ve been “elected” to the Yavneh board at Hillel I’ve been writing weekly divrei torah for the e-mail updates. Assuming I get it done early enough in the week, I may start posting some of the better ones. I will also be restarting the classes in rabbinic thought next quarter. Until I get suggestions or something comes up, I don’t expect to do any new ones right now. However, while I review the old sources, I’d like to finally write up the shiurim in (hopefully) intelligent essays.
Happy Holiday1 and Shabbat Shalom.

1. I suppose I could use “Hag Sameach” too. While Thanksgiving might not be a Jewish holiday, it does have the requisite sacrificial offering.

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