Haredi Rattle And Roll

Avraham sends over this classic from the ever so humble self-proclaimed “Gedolei Torah.” Basically, women are not supposed to get an education to earn a living, yet they have to raise the children by themselves and support their husband who’s learning in kollel. This of course despite the fact that the husband is contractually and halakhically obligated to support her. I guess with all that talmud study, no one bothered to learn Aramaic, or they’re just relying on the warm fuzzy English translations.
He also seds a nice article on Chassidic Rock. Not only does this demonstrate that they read secular newspapers (unless they have their “shabbes goy” do it for them), but that someone must have listened to rock music in order to indentify it in the first place (unless of course, they are all ba’alei teshuva or they used the aforementioned shabbes goy). Their posek in Rock Music is Mr. Philippe Ayache, a R. Tendler-esque professor of Baroque music – who by the way must have had some secular education. Maybe they should have just seen School of Rock.
In fairness, some songs played at wedding make no sense. Check out some on this list of wedding songs to aviod. In addition to these, I’ve personally heard part of Live and Let Die played at one wedding (you know who you are) and I’ve been told by several people of I Will Survive being played at weddings, which of course is the English equivalent of Od Lo Ahavti Di – an old school wedding staple.
Too ticked to comment more on these now and I have a midterm to write. Feel free to rant in the comments.


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