Sweet Home Chicago

The move is done – I’m finally here in the windy city. With much help from my mom, we the move went surprisingly smoothly. We rented a Buick Century from National. The rate wasn’t horrible considering it was a one-way rental. Ironically, we picked a car with IL plates. The trunk was massive and we got incredible mileage – the entire trip took 1.5 tanks of gas. Including two rest-stops, we were able to do the trip in about 12 hours. It helps when you can average between 70-95 MPH.

Coolest name in my building: M. Powers.

The accommodations rated a “Very Nice” on the JMSTM (Jewish Mother Scale). I basically have everything I need here and the area doesn’t look much worse than Washington Heights. The only real down side is that I have an 18 min walk to get to campus which will get really annoying in the sub-zero winters. I might be getting DSL here which will help with the blogging (and hopefully research).

Orientation is this Tues, followed by registration Wed-Fri, and classes start on Tzom Gedalia. So, I have one more slow day to settle in before the craziness starts.

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