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This is the message board part of the Jewish Guitar Chords Archive. If you have comments, compliments, or requests, post them here. If you have your own submissions, send me an e-mail and I’ll add them to the archive as soon as I can.

Update 6/26/2005
As of yesterday, we had 185 comments. As of today, we have zero. No offense to anyone, but the message board was getting far too large and unwieldy. Most of the requests were filled, any chords up there were added to the DB, and while I appreciate all your positive feedback, I felt it was getting a little obtrusive for the other users.
Incidentally, I don’t post often to the board myself. If I have what to respond, I tend to e-mail the original poster directly.

Aside from that, everything is the same. Use this page for requests, submissions, or general feedback. However, if you’re requesting a song, please take a look at the complete archive first. We’ve had many people request songs which have been in the archive for some time.

Finally, if you have chords you’d like to submit PLEASE E-MAIL the chords, prefereably as a text file. It will help keep this page manageable, and hasten the addition to the big archive.

Many thanks to everyone who has been usisng this site and helping it to grow and evolve. I saved a copy of the other comments in case I missed anything.

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