Sarah Palin’s Tour de Force

I’ve been following the Sarah Palin bus tour “story” with the same cynicism and disdain as Jon Stewart. But the thought occurred to me that perhaps I had seen this sort of thing before somewhere. And after rummaging through the vault of irrelevant data that is my brain, I uncovered what can only be described as a revelation.

Loyal readers, I submit that Sarah Palin is the modern day Lex Luger.

For those who had lives in the 1990’s, Lex Luger was a professional wrestler who for a time operated with an “All Americangimmick which included him travelling around the country in a custom made bus called “The Lex Express.”

The similarities between Lex Luger’s and Sarah Palin’s respective campaigns are, for lack of a better term, striking.

First, consider the similarities in patriotic transportation:

But that’s not all, here are some other ways in which Sarah Palin’s skills can be transferred to the squared circle:

Lex Luger Sarah Palin
PR Purpose Raise money for a fake sport Raise money for a fake campaign
Previously Known As The Narcissist The Governor
Loses Credibility When Quits match Quits being governor
Communicates By Cutting flamboyant promos selling self and burying opponents Cutting exaggerated promos selling self and burying opponents
Panders To: Ignorant fanboy “marks Ignorant Republicans marks
Ultimate Goal: Win Wrestling World Title Win Free World Title
Outcome Determined By: Backstage Politics American Politics
End Result Failed We can only hope
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