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You might have noticed that on the side of the page I added a link to The Niblings - which refer to my niece and nephews. Although Ben pointed out the connection to 43-Man Squamish, I first heard the term from a friend of mine, and I thought it was cute.

At any rate, I got a great letter from Esther about the newest Eli story:

    Here is another classic Eli story...
    I was driving with the kids on the way to my dermatologist appointment, and I was explaining to the kids where we were going. I told them that a "skin doctor" is called a "rofeh or" in Hebrew, because "or" means "skin". Eli said, "No, 'or' means light!" I told him that "or" with an "alef" means light, but that "or" with an "ayin" means skin. He replied, then you shouldn't have said or, you should have said, 'or - If you don't say the "ayin" right, the words will sound the same!!

    (Sorry, although my computer is rigged for Hebrew, diacritics and the international phonetic alphabet, I didn't think any of you have e-mail readers that would accommodate).

    You should hear his mapik heh!!! He WILL correct you if you mispronounce!

Oh yeah, and he's learning how to layn.

This, loyal readers, is my nephew.


A little Yemenite in the making.

I can't tell you what nachas it gives me to know that there is a little person out there who will take pleasure in correcting YOUR grammar.

You guys are weird!
You think my kids are weird!
I think having a blog without a better topic is weird!
BTW, what with blogging anyway :) :=) =|:-) or whatever!
Avi (Eli's Abba)

Hello Rabbi, I am the teacher of a delightful group of 10 year old students at Paulton Junior School near bath in England. We love the word nibling too and are running a campaign to get it into the Oxford English dictionary. The fact that it is used in the US is a great help!
Best wishes
Mary Tidbury

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