Dishing Commentary

Work just sent out an e-mail informing us that one of our employee perks is a 15% discount on Michael C. Fina. I don’t anticipate taking advantage of this benefit in the near future, but I did poke around their website to see what’s actually being sold and just how expensive everything is.
I got distracted by the following product description:

Vera Wang’s dinnerware collection is inspired by the contemporary bride. Dishwasher safe, it is meant to be used every day.

I just found the juxtaposition of “contemporary bride” and “dishwasher safe” to be particularly amusing.

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  • Meredith

    … hey!

  • Jacob Sasson

    What about the juxtaposition with “used every day?”

  • Meredith

    So far as the Vera Wang for a bridal registry goes, I think that registries are getting more posh in general.
    When I flipped through a friend’s online registry last week, I saw a _lot_ of Kate Spade and Vera Wang. Have fun fishing your designer flatware out of a dank, murky mikvah, that’s all I have to say.